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"To Whom it May Concern: I recently bought a new puppy. The man I bought it from, said he had all the puppy's shots up to date, but when we went back to gather the paperwork, he "misplaced the paperwork", and unfortunately meant for us hundreds of dollars in medical bills, between vaccinations, and doctors visits. Thank god, for my boyfriends family telling me about LuvMyPet, at the local Petco store. A doctor was going to charge me 200 dollars in just 3 shots!! At Petco with LuvMyPet, I got 12 shots total including the very expensive rabies shot (since Buster is a puppy, he had to get 6 shots, and one month later another set of 6 shots), a fecal test, and six moths of heartworm pills, for 200 dollars!! Not only was this very inexpensive, the staff was also very caring to my dog, and was patient in answering all my questions. I also didn't have to wait that long to be seen by a doctor. Thank you so much, and I will see you guys again in a year, when my dogs shots are due!! Bethany"


"I wanted to let you know that I am grateful to the Petco stores and to LuvMyPet for this wonderful service that you offer. With this economy I had been very reluctant to take my animals to the vet for their checkups . Then I found out about you. You will have saved me over $250 dollars easy on vaccinations for my crew this year - I have 3 dogs and 1 cat and 2 ferrets. I went with one dog and will be bringing the others in when it is their time. I have become so disheartened when I go to the vet, because, they really seem to try to talk me into more than is necessary for my animals. I also have a problem with a $45 dollar office fee just for walking in the door. The staff were very professional and kind and your system of getting people in efficiently worked very well . (And there was a long line) . I live in Winchester, VA and I have told people I work with about you and many of them have already checked to see when there will be a clinic day in their areas. Thank you so much for this service. Pet healthcare has become as expensive as it is for humans and it is a relief especially in these hard economic times to know that you are there to help us properly care for our "furry babies" and keep them healthy , affordably."

Missy-Winchester, VA

"I just want you to know your company should e honored to have DR Halloran, CJ Jimenez, Jessica C. and Tammi on staff. these women were wonderful to me and my pet. I was very unsure if I should take my dog to a low cost vaccine day. I was so impressed with this staff. It's not about the almightey dollar They care about the pet. This so refreshing for a pet owners of multiple pets. Thank you!"

Georgette, New York City

"I just recently went to the PetCo in Lawrence, NJ and my experience with LuvMyPet totally exceeded my expectations. I arrived at 5 PM and was done and out by 5:30. (There was a long line, too). UNBELIEVABLE! The staff was quick, knowledgeable and understanding. They hold the paperwork and fill it out with you, seeming to understand that you can't hold a dog and a cat AND a clipboard. The vet and vet tech were also very pleasant, taking the time to talk to me and to my pets, while still managing to be efficient. I love your services, as do my pets. Thank you for a non-stressful vet visit!"

Laura, Lawrence, NJ

"Hi I just wanted to let whoever it may concern that the staff at Allentowns Petco clinic was phenomenal. The young lady who signed me Adora was fantastic and explained everything to me very thoroughly which I needed being a new pet owner. I don't remember the Doctors name I believe it is Argyle but he did a fantastic job. Absolutely amazing work all around and the young man Alvin who cashed me was extremely personable and took interest in our experience at your clinic. Good work all around I will be telling all my friends about your clinic in Allentown. Thank you guys so much for what you do."

Jerry, Allentown, PA

"Thank you so much for your prompt service. You provide a tremendous benefit to all of us who are trying to keep our spending down while still providing good care for our animals..... I don't know you but, on a Sunday night to help me, you are a wonderful person."

Renee, Ft. Forth, TX

"Russell and I want to Thank the Staff of LuvMyPet at Christiana Petco on Sun 4/20/2008. We waited in line for a while( this was our first visit there ) however the professional attention was well worth it."

Olivia, Christiana, DE

"I took my dog to be vaccinated last month at the Essex Green Mall in West Orange NJ. The doctor and the tech who helped her did an excellent job - very fast and much gentler than other doctors. Her name was Dr Burke and the tech was Joe. Thank you very much."


"Everything went very well and was very nicely organized. My dogs experience and mine were great and I will use this service again. Taking the dog to my vet is sooooo expensive that its scary. Thanks for their service and I am telling everyone I know that has an animal how quick and great this service was."


"My dog got along really well with the vet at the clinic on Fort Couch Rd. She actually seemed to love him. He was also very helpful with my questions being a "new mommy" to such a young pup."


"This seems to be a good cost effective alternative to the high prices charged by our Vet."


"Luv My Pet is a great service. I like that you have hours on Saturdays."

"We enjoyed meeting Dr. Sancho. Please bring him back to Frisco Petco. He was so kind and loving with our older dog."


"I really appreciate your services. With 3 dogs - I can afford to protect and keep my pets healthily."


"I just wanted you to know there are a lot of people who greatly appreciate things like this, these affordable clinics. It may seem small, but it definitely isn't."

Melanie, Dallas, TX

"This was my first visit with you, and I was impressed with how this crew quickly prioritized and got people through. I've worked in several animal clinics myself as a tech., so I know what goes into keeping people happy who are waiting-and keeping pets relaxed in such a hectic environment. I felt they did a very good job with my German Shepherd and both cats."

"The prices were great too...I saved well over a hundred dollars by not having to pay exam fees and having a nicely priced micro-chipping done. Properly caring for pets is expensive, so any little bit saved helps! I will definitely be back!!"

"Good Experience, bringing family dog back to the next one. Thanks!!!"

"The entire staff is wonderful, helpful and really caring about my dog when I brought her in. I know they are really busy, but they take the time you need with you and your animal."


"All your personnel were just so kind and professional, it was a great experience."

"I am just happy that instead of going to my vet and getting charged hundreds of dollars, you do what's recommended and charge us for just that and nothing else. Thank goodness for you! Thanks!"

"Thank you for helping me be a responsible pet owner! Your affordable clinics are wonderful, and I could even download a certificate when my regular kennel was booked - saved my getaway week-end!"


"I took my black DLH cat to the Parsippany NJ vaccination clinic this past Sunday and had the best experience ever! One of your employees, Maryna, was just FANTASTIC! From the minute she arrived, she treated my pet as if it were one of her own children. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with the care and service she provided!!! Maryna was just so friendly and attentive. I hope you company has a way of recognizing and rewarding employees such as her."

Peter, NJ

"LuvMyPet's microchipping clinic is an excellent service because I paid more than double what you charge at a local vet's office for my other dog. Thank you!"

Donna K, Warminster, PA

"I wanted to thank yall for your excellent service as always. But there is always one employee who treats us so well, she is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and just wonderful! That is Shannon at your Atlanta Clinic!"

Nicole N, Atlanta, GA



"GOOD MORNING! I first want to say Thank you for your program. Our puppy Princess Sturdivant has gone through her series of puppy shots at your Petco, Peachtree City, GA location. Your staff was friendly and gentle."

Danielle F, Peachtree, GA

"To Whom It May Concern, First off I'd like to extend my appreciation for what a great clinic this is! I went to the one at the Petco located in Davis, CA and the service was friendly, the vet was very helpful and I'm so glad you offer this program."

Jennifer T, Davis, CA

"I took my dog to the West Seattle Clinic a few weekends ago. After getting her shots she threw up four times before we made it out of the store. The vet had me bring her back and he very quickly put an IV in, got her injected with meds and hydrated. It was incredible. He was friendly and the staff was supportive the whole time. I have been recommending LuvMyPet to folks non-stop since the incident. You all are wonderful, thank you so much!"

Heather B, Seattle, WA

"I took my 12 week old puppy to get her first shots at Petco in Vancouver, WA and the luv my pet staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. The vet that gave the shot was very sweet towards my puppy as was the nurse. I would go back again I love it!"

Nick, Vancouver, WA

"Thank you very much. I just want to say that I have been using your service for years and am always extremely pleased with the quality care I receive from your vets and their staff."

Adrienne H, Houston, TX